A couple of Quick Starts, Travel and Communications

October 28, 2013

            My daughter Gabrielle and I travelled to the cottage this past August. It had been a while since  I had an opportunity to talk with her alone. That was nice.

            Our Kolbe "A" indexes are the same. It's not genetic, it just is. We are both "Quick Starts". At any time, we can talk each other into trying something new or taking a risk.

            I have made this trip hundreds of times and I always see the same highway sign.  It reads, "Trout Fishing and Archery". I have had a mental image of what this place would look like and I've always wanted to stop, but never have. I imagined a cornucopia of fishing tackle for trout.

            There is one particular device I use for lake trout fishing called a "Pink Lady". They don't make it anymore. I visit old tackle shops hoping to find some.  I thought this place might have one. Given Gabrielle is up for many things with little encouragement, she was quick to accept the idea of driving to this store. We exited the highway and our new adventure began. 

            We found the store and exited my truck. We were greeted by the proprietor and asked if we needed any help. I asked if he sold tackle.

            "Of course." he said.

             We entered the store. I had a look around and I asked if he had a "Pink Lady". A big toothless smile then greeted me.

            He said " Of course, right over here."

             What over here turned out to be was a pink camouflage cross-bow. I think he thought I wanted to buy it for Gabrielle. Gabrielle let out a gaffaw.

             I smiled and said, "No thanks.  That's not what I had in mind."  Then we said our goodbyes.

            On the ride back I thought about the English language and how certain words are understood differently. What is good communication? Are you sure your messages, whether verbal or written, are understood properly? Poor communication can wreak havoc in your business and personal life. Be sure your message is understood.


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