Prove It to Yourself!

September 25, 2013

By Emy Brubacher

According to a recent tweet I read, author Ernest Vincent Wright wrote a 50,000 word novel without using the letter “e”. Not sure how he put his name to the book, since his name alone has 3 of them. But seriously, a pretty ambitious feat. I don’t even think I could write a sentence without an “e”.

It set me to thinking, what inspired him to do this? It seems no one commissioned him for the job. And yes, maybe he thought it would draw some acclaim, but I don’t believe that is not the only reason he did it. I am more inclined to think that he set this challenge for himself for simply that reason, to challenge himself.

We all set goals for a purpose. We study hard at school to graduate and have a good career. We work hard in our career to attain status, recognition and stability. We strive to earn a good wage so we can have a home, a car, vacations, and life enjoyment. We work on bettering ourselves so people appreciate us and want to spend time with us. We learn new things to perform, entertain, or impress.

But how often do we set a goal just for the sake of pushing ourselves beyond our comfort limit and proving to ourselves we can do something great? How much can we learn about ourselves, expand our horizons, and increase our confidence by raising our bar?

So go out, challenge yourself, not because anyone is watching, or because you might get a pat on the back, but do it just because you can!


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