Tornado Hunter, Justa and Accountants

December 11, 2013

By Mike Bossy - December 10, 2013

I attended The FCC Forum in London recently. It's an annual event sponsored by Farm Credit Canada.  The list  of speakers has always been impressive and this year's event lived up to that reputation. Speakers included Rick Hansen the "Man in Motion" himself; Michelle Painchaud, founder and president of Painchaud Performance Group; and Greg Johnson, the Tornado Hunter.

 I particularly liked the Tornado hunter's message. You are not "justa farmer", you're a farmer. Be proud of it. Get this message out there. Join the "Agriculture More Than Ever" movement. 

 So if a farmer is not "justa farmer",  then I'm not "justan accountant". The lesson here is to take pride in what you do and don't denigrate yourself.  


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