TV, Education and Seth Godin

November 26, 2013

By Mike Bossy

I just finished watching an episode of Six Feet Under on HBO. Lauren Ambrose who plays Claire, one of the main characters, is a high school student. She is struggling with what is being taught and how. She's bored and doesn't understand the whole purpose of it. What is she getting out of it? Where will it lead? 

She pays a visit to her guidance counsellor for direction. The counsellor asks her why she doesn't try?  He knows she's smart.  He knows she is taking entrance exams for college. When he asks her about it, she tells him that is what she is supposed to do. That's how you become a good consumer.

That's when it struck me. It's something Seth Godin talks about. What is wrong with today's education system?  It was part of a "Mass" system consisting of mass education, mass production and mass consumption.  Do yourself a favour. Read and watch some of Godin's work. He wrote a white paper and did a presentation at TedEx.

The ironic part about this Blog is the fact that I was watching TV. The great enabler of mass consumption.  


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