Bossy Nagy Group (BNG) is recognized as a leader in the accounting and business coaching field by major banks, other financial institutions and accounting firms and, most importantly, by their clients. Their attention to detail, knowledge of best business practices and the power of people along with their expertise in financial planning and execution, all contribute to delivering effective solutions for businesses in a variety of fields.

Using proprietary processes and keeping a focus on results, BNG helps their clients discover their strengths and make the most of business opportunities.

The BNG team and Michael Bossy in particular are a vital part of our farming and real estate businesses. Over the past 8 years, their best business practices and in-depth knowledge have saved us a significant dollar amount. As an instrumental part of our management team, their expertise is determinant to our business financial health.

— John Heeney · Glenroe Farms Ltd · Tranquility Enterprises Inc.

Knowledge. Clarity. Action.